Sunday, 9 May 2010

See you down by the river

What a lovely client shoot I had yesterday! Redmann Neale had booked a shoot a while ago wanting to build his model portfolio. With a full day shoot we planned to do both studio and location shots.

Braving the rain (booo, where did spring go!?) we captured some lovely images in my secret covered outdoor location. Sometimes as cool as posed pictures are, I love even more the ones where models are captured off guard. So I tried to capture some moments while Sandra Bermingham who did the grooming on the day was talking to him. Two of the images below are some of these out-takes. And except turning the images into black & whites, they are still unedited.

Redmann was such a lovely boy, and the kind that will hold doors for you. Yes, they do still exist. He had perfect hair, perfect stubble and a perfected body. Hard days work for me obviously haha. Looking through his film I can easily see him do a campaign for jeans and similar in the future. No Redmann, it's not just your mum that thinks you look attractive! Hoping these images will help him on his way of achieving cool stuff. Sometimes you just want good people to do well.

Note to self. Shoot more boys



Sylvia said...

yummmm :$

Some Style... said...

very cool images! love the black & white choices! come across very laid back and charming! ;)

sandra said... did a great job!!! I'm well impressed!!..actually I was impressed all day!! x

Cecilie Harris said...

Some kind of style - he was lovely indeed :)

Sandra - thanks! i hope he chooses some of the ones from this setting cause the location and outfit worked well with his look.

Drea said...

Herlig sang, herlige bilder. Jeg vil også ta bilder av guttemodeller! :D

Cecilie Harris said...

Takk takk, denne shooten minnet meg paa at det skal jeg ogsaa gjoere :)