Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shooting blonde in the sun

For anyone that has REALLY studied my portfolio, you'll know that I have a thing for brunettes. Also big lips and long legs while I'm sharing things I'm photographically obsessed about.

So I've made a point lately that I wanted to work with more blonde models that also inspired me, so I found Chloe May Farnworth. With her big lips, long legs and hair I'd give my left arm to have, she provided some perfect commercial fashion photos. Elbie van Eeden did hair and make-up for the day.

Another thing I often shy away from is shooting in the sun. With the amount of sun we had, bounced back on Chloe with a reflector, it nearly gave me lighting orgasm when looking in my camera.

I'd really like her hair and lips please......!



Sophie Ellen Photography said...

'it nearly gave me lighting orgasm when looking in my camera'

Haha! I know what you mean though =)

sandra said...

It's lovely to see some blondies in you book..... lighting orgasm....classic!! haha....I'll have to take your word on that!! ;o)

Cecilie Harris said...

For some strange reason I'm finding myself using the word orgasm a lot related to fashion and photo lately lol