Sunday, 16 May 2010

Take me to a place.....

I love shooting on location! It brings something interesting to an image that makes me go oooooh. I get this question a lot from people: "How do you find all your locations?"

A wise man once told me the answer this: "Ask, beg, steal, borrow". This is unless you have lots of money to pay for expensive, fancy locations of course. So I've used this wonderful advise where possible. I ask friends, people I know and people I don't know very nicely if I see something I think will work as a location. I also use a lot of public spaces where it's ok to shoot. And only once did I make a model and make up artist climb a fence to get to a location (we humbly apologize to any security camera that might have seen us).

I also like to go location hunting. I take my car and drive around London or other places, and stop when needed to walk around. This is much more fun to do with other people, so when new photographer in town Ben Lee (he's from Canada, speaks with a cool Canadian accent and takes awesome pictures) didn't take that much convincing to come with on a location hunt day I was all over it. Heading out in the morning we drove away like Thelma and Louise (only he is a guy of course and also we weren't escaping anything) to find cool spots to shoot. While I was driving, Ben had his camera ready to capture any potential hot spot or that might inspire us. His super quick reaction to any of my sudden points was impressive, and apparently I brought out the paparazzi in him. Fun day!



lillian_cheryl said...

Nice and interesting! You have a lovely car too! Is that Audi?

Cecilie Harris said...

haha yes it's a TT. Lovely car, but not very practical if you're more than two people :)