Thursday, 6 May 2010

Walking in the footsteps of beauty...

I'm surrounded by beautiful people. In my personal life, as a photographer... beautiful people are all around. They model. They sing. They act. So what's it like to be the one on the sideline that is not admired for their looks?

Does it make me feel a little insecure sometimes? That I'm not beautiful enough, tall enough, have nice enough lips, hair, legs etc? Absolutely! I think we all have self doubt sometimes no matter how we look and who we compare ourselves to. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with these kind of thoughts, and I'm writing this blog because I've talked to so many girls who feel they are not good enough and seen so many girls blog about their insecurities. Girls that are perfectly lovely looking, but still start to doubt themselves and how they look. And this probably counts for guys as well.

I'm a firm believer that beauty comes from within. Someone that's beautiful on the outside, may be far from that on the inside. And someone you wouldn't turn your head after at first, may have such a beautiful spirit that will shine through and when you look at them again will become more and more beautiful for you. I notice this when I shoot as well. It's not always the obviously pretty models that takes the most beautiful pictures. It's all about what comes from within and what's in the eyes. This counts just as much in every day life.

So to all you boys and girls that feel you will never be good enough or beautiful enough.... believe in yourself and be happy with who you are and your inner beautiful and confidence will make you beautiful to the world. Ok, so some of us will never be models no matter what, but being confident with ourselves will definitely help make us more attractive to people around us and happier with ourselves.

To answer my original question... Although I have small moments of self doubt like everyone else, I'm quite happy to let others worry about presenting that perfect image to the world. Does it make them happier than me? I doubt it, and I find that life always brings me the best things when I'm happy with who I am.

Cecilie Harris


lillian_cheryl said...

Well said! I love it and its very very true. I'm one of them who feel the same!

Cecilie Harris said...

It's also about who you compare yourself to I think :)

Ana Miranda said...

Aww Cecilie, I have to say for me this is one of your best blogs yet. I agree with you!!
I'm in the group of the insecure people, because I think I'm just so ugly eheh! And yes, inside beauty is far more important than the outside one and I try to convince myself and the others of that.Well, at least there's always something we're good at, better than be just good looking.
And I truly believe the prettier we feel the prettier we are ;). We just have to find the beauty about us.
(Talking about comparisons, here's a secret ;) : I feel I'm so ugly compared to my sister, she's really pretty...but she looks for herself better than me...).
The thing is that we think too much, we should care less and live life as its fullest.

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Ana for the lovely thoughts. And your comment also reminded me about something to add to this, which is that for me talent is so attractive!

Martine said...

I agree 100% to what you are writing here! I've had the same experience before.. When I was younger, I always compared myself to my sisters. We are at the same age, and from we were 6 til we were 12/13 we attended same class at school (nærmere sagt barneskolen). My sisters had more friends than me and were slimmer than me.. And as I grew older, my bad self-confidence really started to bother me, it drained out all my energy. And then it just dissapeared, I started feeling more confident and I started trusting myself. This resulted in me being myself 100% all the time. And I've got comments about it and I can truly tell that as long as you trust yourself and let yourself be confident, it really shines through! I try my best not to compare myself to others, and when I don't do it, that's the time I feel the best about myself!

Lovely post! It's nice to reminisce and be grateful of what you have achieved.. It's easy to forget the bad times that made you the person you are today, and I think it shouldn't be forgotten, it should be in the past, but also be appreciated!

Rik Irons-Mclean said...

A male perspective..... not that it should make a difference :-)

I have photographed many people over the last 5 years, with most of them being normal "non-model" types for family portraits, children/baby shots, weddings, events etc.

The most interesting and pleasing (and beautiful to me!) results I get are invariably those that capture people being themselves and showing they are just happy to be there to capture the moment. Where they are not thinking about being "beautiful" or "good-looking" or "fitting into a certain stereotype" - and getting people to that relaxed and comfortable stage in an unnatural sitaution is always a challenge, but one worth tackling!

Natural snaps to me (when I'm taking them) usually portray/give away much more than the posed ones and show a much more human aspect.

This might just be because I'm not one of those "model" types, but being able to capture something that is natural has a beauty of it's own :-).

Cecilie Harris said...

Martine, sounds like you've had a really positive journey. Glad you're feeling good about yourself. And I think you're right that if we can help comparing ourselves to others all the time, and just be happy with who we are, then we are more focused on just being happy.

RIk, thanks for the male perspective! I don't just photograph models either and have shoot with people who just want images for themselves to capture a moment in time. Some of these shoots I have really enjoyed for the reason you talk about in your comment. I've done shots of non-model couples not so long ago, and enjoyed trying to capture that natural moment between two people and found those pictures just as beautiful as any model picture I've taken :)