Monday, 14 June 2010

Miss Skjoldnes

I took the opportunity to photograph the lovely Sara Skjoldnes again recently during her stay in London. Sara won Miss Norway at the end of last year and have done numerous campaigns in Norway. I love working with Sara as she's got such a strong face, and can do commercial as well as a bit more edgy.

We only had one and a half hours to shoot this time, and was stuck with a bit of a light team (Sara + me). This meant shooting on a higher ISO than I usually do and a low aperture to make the most of the light available. Very happy with the outcome though. Sometimes simple is all that's needed :)

I'll post a few more images from this shoot in my next blog.



AnetteBP said...

She is beautiful :) And love the pictures! Simple is sometimes the best, thats for sure ;)

Lene J said...

Great photos! :) Sara is so pretty!

D e g a i n e said...

great photos!


Sunniva: litt foto og sånn. said...

Ingen tvil om at du tar fantastiske bilder :) Håper jeg blir like flink som deg en gang!

Adorngirl said...

Great pics, simple but striking

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely feedback. I have more to share with you soon :)