Friday, 4 June 2010


A couple of more images from my shoot with Redmann.

And while you check these out you must listen to "Glow" by Madcon. I'm loving this song after I heard it on Eurovision last weekend (yes you know you watched it too!) during the break. All of Europe coming together in dance... don't know about you, but that brings a little happy tear in my eye. The song is wicked though and apparently in Germany is higher in the charts than the actual winning song!


For this shoot it was a case of finding the right location for the right shot. After some studio shots, I dragged Redmann to my garage and then found some dirty little side streets to shoot in.

I realised the other day how much I love working with models. I love trying to bring the best out of people, push them to see what they can give, get the right hair and make-up, get the styling to fit what we're trying to capture and find the right location to suit the image. Every shoot brings elements that makes me challenge myself. Photography is fun, simple as that :)


Grooming by Sandra Bermingham.


Drea said...

Extremely cool!

Rik Irons-Mclean said...

Great stuff as usual :-)

Love the concrete background. Is it a car park?

lillian_cheryl said...

Nice bod!

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks boys and girls :)

Rik - yep, car park.