Saturday, 17 July 2010

Yash @ MOT Models

In his modeling time Yash has built quite an impressive body of work including working with brands such as Diesel Sunglasses, Ford Fiesta, Cosmopolitan Magazine, La Coste, Vivienne Westwood, Nikon, Nokia and T-mobile amongst others. He is also a lovely friend, and throws the best parties. If you ever feel down, Yash is the kind of person you can count on to make you feel good about yourself again. Everyone should have a friend like Yash. You can't help but love him, and it so happens he photographs wonderfully as well.

These images are from a shoot on a lovely summer day in Battersea Park. I seem to have been shooting so much this summer, that if I'm going to enjoy any of the sun I'll have to shoot outdoors!

Yash @ MOT Models

Yash @ MOT Models

Assisting: Drea


Stine said...

Loving these new shots!

Some Style... said...

beautil b/w photography, love the close ups!

Cecilie Harris said...

Thank you :)

Drea said...

Åh, så fine! Jeg liker de kjempegodt! :)

Jeg syns kanskje hånda på det første bildet ser litt rar ut. Den så litt potet ut liksom. Litt hoven og stor. :b

Cecilie Harris said...

Ja det har du jo helt rett i. Har gaatt inn aa lekt litt til med bildet jeg :)