Wednesday, 21 July 2010

You're Lame!

You're lame if you:
  • Think you're better than others
  • Don't appreciate the beauty of The Vampire Diaries
  • Put people in a box before you've even talked to them
  • Don't think chocolate counts as a meal
  • Are rude to others
  • Wear sunglasses in a club
  • Don't accept others for who they are
  • Can't laugh at yourself
  • Think Norway is the capital of Sweden
  • Is too chicken to apologize for your mistakes
  • Wear white tennis socks over your jeans (that wasn't even cool in the 80s)
  • Never sing in the shower and think you sound awesome
  • Judge my love for reality talent shows
  • Don't dare to dream
  • Think people can read your mind (communication helps)
  • Say you can't cook (ok that's me)
  • Can't see the pleasure in mayonnaise on everything (ok weird Norwegian thing?)
  • Don't make a wish to the universe every now and then
  • Don't comment on this blog post..... that would be totally lame :P
Marina Berry

Image is from my recent "Roadtrip" shoot with Marina Berry. More images coming up very soon!


Jay McLaughlin said...


I'm lame then! I hate mayonnaise, have no idea what the Vampire Diaries is/are, and I know I can't sing!

On a different note... I ♥ that image!!!

How was the road trip? I neeeeeeed to do one!

PBux said...

Cool blog, I thought everyone knew Norway is the capital of Denmark... :o)

I agree on most of those, won't say anymore though... ;oP

Pom said...

I'm for sure lame, for one I'm judging you right now on your love of talent shows!

and just to make you feel old... people used to wear white socks over jeans in the 80's? (born in 89 :P) what a weird fashion craze.

Cecilie Harris said...

Jay, you're LAME for your lack of love for mayonnaise and lack of love for cool teenage Vampire TV shows

PBux, you're LAME for not knowing your Scandinavian geography

Pom, you're LAME for making me feel old haha

But... you're all a lot less lame for leaving a comment. Everyone is probably a little bit lame in one way or another. Let's call it quirky personalities for most of it? :)

Ana Miranda said...

omg! I almost stopped reading this post, because some of the first ones apply to me eheh.But then I had to comment because I'm not lame!
Didnt know people mistake Norway and Sweden, but it's like some people think Portugal is a county of Spain haha!
But really great post! Got me thinking!

Drea said...

I really love talent shows aswell. :D I watch them all!
And I`m really lame, cause I`ve never seen Vampire Diaries. :b I also KNOW I´m better than SOME others... :b

Yeah, let´s all be lame together!

Cecilie Harris said...

Ana and Drea, I think there is probably a difference between cool and quirky lame, and just simply lame lame if you know what I mean.

Ana Miranda said...

Yes, I do know what you mean, I stick with the 1st type of lame then ;)

alyssa_armstrong said...

I just stumbled on your blog and I'm in love with you.

I love mayonnaise, and reality shows and I get made fun of constantly.

Cecilie Harris said...

I'm in love with you too Alyssa. You're totally not lame though.