Saturday, 21 August 2010

Liam Byrne @ MOT

If you ever shoot with Liam Byrne, he's guaranteed to make you laugh. He had myself and hair and make-up artist Samantha Hosker in fits of laughter down the street of Battersea, and frankly embarrassed us a little with his impressions. Nothing we couldn't handle of course.

Fun day with some great image results. See some included below.

Liam Byrne @ MOT
Liam Byrne @ MOT


Drea said...

Ooooh, HUNK! ;D

Adam Robertson Photography said...

I recognise him, didn't he used to be on TV or something? He looks well familar. Nice work Cecilie.

Cecilie Harris said...

Yes, he was on Shipwrecked :). Cheers Adam!