Friday, 24 September 2010


I have been in two minds if I should put this up on my blog. Or on YouTube in the first place. 1) because this is a project I was working on last year and 98% of the images is work I did a year ago, and 2) because my photography has come a long way since then. Also Simon is in two of the stories, which doesn't give the right overall flow, but I love the images so much I feel it needs to be in there. The project was a personal project to push myself to work with multiple models, learn how to direct models that didn't know each other to be intimate and relaxed, and also to tell stories of different types of relationships.

I've decided to add it up anyways as it never as a project saw the light of day then. If nothing else than as a recap of where I was a year ago, and looking back at my work in 2009.

So feel free to enjoy anyways. What I do like about this is the story side of it and the music to set the mood. Imagine you are in a large room with the the music playing, walking around whilst watching the images in big on the wall.

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Anonymous said...

just amazing the images and the cover song! xoxo