Monday, 25 October 2010

Behind the scenes from my Norway shoot

I just got back from Norway yesterday. Headed back for the weekend to see family and friends, as well as go to a reunion party with old class mates. Also managed to squeeze in a shoot working with two female models from the main agency in town, a wonderful location and a local team. Nice!

My uncle happens to be a photographer in the main newspaper in Stavanger, and when I asked if he wanted to come check out my shoot, he happily came along and captured a few behind the scenes images. Hurrah!

The scenario captured is with one of my models of the day, Rakel from Prestisje Models, inside a tiny white cottage. Will have lots of images to share from this shoot later, but for now hope you enjoy some behind the scenes images to give you an idea of some of the Norwegian inspired feel of the shoot.

Photos by Fredrik Refvem








Anonymous said...

wow looks like it was a good'un

Sylvia said...

Such a cute location! Can't wait to see the pictures. ^_^

sandra b said...

I can't wait to see these Cecilie...the location is lovely and the styling! x

Cecilie Harris said...

Can't wait to share these Sandra. A new and different environment to work in. I wanted to bring in Norwegian elements where possible. The location is ultra Norwegian, and there are Norwegian elements brought in in the styling as well. Wait till you see the white rubber boots used with black laces to go with the hot pants outside the greenhouse lol.

Ana Miranda said...

Lovely place! But seems you're freezing! Can't wait 2 see the photos.

Adam Robertson Photography said...

that location is super sweet :D good find! :D