Wednesday, 27 October 2010


I often tell people that Simon is my muse. This is something I'm quite happy to talk about, as I find it fascinating how people are inspired to create work of art of some kind. Some photographers view their work as art. I'm one of them. A muse has around the www sphere been described as "someone who has such an influence on another that he or she becomes the focus and inspiration for that person's creative work." Yep. Recognise self.

Some people effect your life in ways you didn't expect. When I first had a message from Simon about a year ago, I had no idea he'd have that much of an impact on my passion for photography and the quality of my work. He is the one who inspired me to start shooting male models in the first place, and have been a constant inspiration throughout the last year. Inspiration for me can not be based on looks alone. There has to be something deeper in a person that I find interesting and exciting to explore. I blame him fully for making me push myself beyond what I can sometimes take, to improve and get my photography out there.

Sim Jennings
Image of Sim Jennings (Oxygen Models) taken in Milan, 2nd October, 2010.

As a model Simon models very naturally, understands the image I'm trying to capture and delivers that with an added creative edge. He is what I like to call a floater, as he is constantly moving and giving different things to capture. He models like he means it, yet sometimes as if the camera wasn't there. This creates some absolutely magic moments for me to capture. I'd love for him to come teach any new faces I shoot how to pose! He also doesn't shy away from getting involved in the creative process to achieve best results. As a person he's got heaps of levels and I keep discovering new and interesting layers that are colourful enough to fill a book. And he's fun. I'll forgive him for the numerous jokes about my age. He has also taught me a completely new teenage language. Safe everyone. I don't doubt for a second that Simon will continue to inspire me, as well as others wherever he goes, and that he'll soon be making a massive impact in the bigger picture as a model.

I recently did two editorials with Simon, that are soon to be published in Client Magazine, and another one in Carbon Copy. One of these editorials was captured in Milan in beautiful italian surroundings and with cool styling, so keep an eye out for images from that series! Possibly some of my best work yet. Very proud of it, and can't wait to be able to share it and see it in print.

In addition to images I've done previously with Simon which you can see on my webpage, Facebook page or Flickr site, I've also done a couple of behind the scenes type videos of him which I thought I'd include for you to check out here if you haven't already.

I'd be interested to hear how other photographers find their inspiration. Are muses a thing of the past, as this is something I don't hear about that often, or is it mostly something that is more related to painters and poets. Are we as photographers artists? Should we have muses? I believe so. Passion creates art. And anything that inspires beautiful images makes sense in my mind.


Catherine Day said...

He looks like a fab model to work with!

Adam Robertson Photography said...

Si is awesome, that's all really. For someone so young he's pretty switched on when it comes to his work/modelling etc.

Cecilie Harris said...

Catherine - he is :)

Adam - very true. And as a photographer it's so much more inspiring to work with models who model with passion, insight and creativity.

Martine said...

i agree with everything you say, and i envy you, the fact that you have someone that inspires you that much. I wish i could say that i have a muse, but i don't.. I hope it comes along anytime soon! And i can tell that you have grown alot this year since i started following you! I envy you and your work!:-)

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks for the very lovely comment Martine :)