Monday, 1 November 2010

Colour Me Autum 1

I am now ready to share my images from my farm shoot a little while back. The whole shoot is edited in full colour to really show off the wonderful colours in Cyra's styling and the feel of the farm we were using as a location to shoot at.

This was such a great day and was worth the long drive to get there. The fabulous people at Manor Farm let us invade their location for the day and was so lovely and helpful. Big thank you for all the help and treating us like royalty. That alone was worth the trip out of London to Gloucester to feel warmhearted people who liked doing nice things for others (have I lived in London too long? haha).

When you plan to shoot outdoors, and especially with a big team, it's just fab when the weather is on your side. The farm provided so many great locations for us to play with on this sunny, autumn day and helped create some wonderful images. Models, Elena and Cristyn from Nevs, were brilliant to work with and lovely girls. Cyra Alcock had brought with her an impressive wardrobe to help provide this explosion of colour. With help from Daleya Hassan they did such an amazing job in making the girls look stunning and create a lovely hot autumn day feel. My Gabriella was on hand to do wonderful hair and make-up as always. I also had Ray Liu with me on the team be my photographic assistant. Great team, which gave great results and at the same time made for such a fun day.

As I have so many images from this series that I want to share with you, I am posting images in three separate posts over this week. To see behind the scenes footage from the day, you can check out this previous blog post.

Click on the images to view them larger.
Colour Me Autumn

Colour Me Autumn

Models: Cristyn and Elena (Nevs Models)
Photography: Cecilie Harris
Styling: Cyra Alcock
Styling Assistant: Daleya Hassan
Hair & Make-up: Gabriella Ciullo
Assisting: Ray Liu
Location: Manor Farm


Anonymous said...

styling is fantastic...the colours!!!

Jason Goddard said...

Wow cecilie, amazing set!
great energy and fantastic story telling, colours really work well.

I personally feel this is one of my favourite shoots of yours.



Rachel said...

Like like like! My saddle is now world-famous! Eeep! Colours are beautiful, can't wait to show everybody x

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks everyone!

And Rachel, it's all good to tag people in the FB pictures :)

Joe said...

another lush shoot madam

Rachel said...

I shall better start tagging then! Could take a while!! Chars! xx