Monday, 29 November 2010

"Waiting for dawn" in Bello Mag

Can you tell I've been busy lately? I'm getting soooo ready for Christmas. The last few months have been such hard work and focused (yet fun!), but it's great to see results and that my work is getting out there. Makes it all worth it.

This story for Bello Mag was shot at the very cool bar JuJu includes the lovely Paul Scott (D1 Models) and Aaron Berry (Shine). Styling by Lauren Clements. Grooming by Samantha Hosker. Nick Radley assisting. Thanks to the lovely people at Juju for letting us invade the bar for a few hours to have some fashion and photo fun.

Click here or images below to see the full 14-page spread.

Paul Scott & Aaron Berry for Bello Mag
"Waiting for dawn" Bello Mag

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