Thursday, 16 December 2010

Boys of Leisure | Client Magazine Issue 02 on Design Scene

Very proud to be able to share more work with you from this editorial with Sim & Tom that I shot in Milan a couple of months back. This is possibly one of my favorite shoots I've done for a few reasons: 1) it was simply wonderful to be able to explore a city and capture it's beauty in a fashion story, 2) the models involved are inspirational to work with and I know they will always get great results and 3) working with a very international team abroad was so much fun.

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Sim Jennings & Tom Norkett for Client Magazine

Sofia provided some great styling and also helped show me locations we could shoot at. The thing about Milan is that there are some really beautiful parts, but you have to know where they are. Adrian was a life saver with the grooming and gave the boys some damn cool hair. Due to all the elements being with a Milan twist, the story ended up with such a cool feel that I couldn't have achieved in London.

Boys of Leisure, Client Magazine 02

Would love to do another shoot in Milan one day, and also explore other cities next year to shoot in. Was definitely a really exciting way to work!

Photography: Cecilie Harris
Styling: Sofia Bjarno
Models: Sim Jennings & Tom Norkett
Grooming: Adrian Bozzarelli
Assisting: Livio Damiano

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Absolutely stunning hun! - as always! xx