Friday, 3 December 2010

Floating school for boys

During my shoots I often work with new faces who ask me for tips on how to pose, move, facial expressions etc. I often show them some videos (as I am rubbish at posing myself).

I once asked Simon what the weirdest instruction a photographer had given him during a shoot and he told me one photographer had asked him to float. And he was thinking "wtf...?". At the time of this story I laughed as I found it funny, although later I've realised that Simon already floats when he poses and that this is one of the reasons I like shooting with him so much. I'm not sure if this is what the photographer in question meant, but for me floating simply means to keep it moving and flowing when posing through the shoot. My advise to models tends to be to keep giving me small variations, keep moving (yet not too fast or I don't have time to capture it), move naturally and not forced, and don't be afraid to try things outside your comfort zone. Use the clothes you are wearing to play with and show off in a natural way. And if you're shooting on location, use the environment to help give a natural feel to your posing. Also remember that at the same time that you are actually modelling what you're wearing, you also want to show off your different angles, to provide some variety.

So I thought I'd post this blog including some videos of some of my best "floaters" so that when I get questions from male models who wants to improve on their posing I can simply show them the link to this blog to start with.

My next advise would be to find other models you aspire to be like and google to find some videos of them. Then practice. The more you know what works for you, the better results you will get when you are shooting.

I will add more videos to this as I create them.

Video 1 - Chris Wetmore

Video 2 - Pavel Baranov

Video 3 - Philip Ellis

Video 4 - Melker Andersson

Video 5 - Tom Norkett

Video 6 - Simon Jennings

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