Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011.

I went into 2010 with a positive spirit and determined to be structured and goal orientated. So this year have been dedicated to building skills and networks, aiming to give structure and fun to my life. It's been a very focused year and I'm proud of what I have achieved. So I leave 2010 satisfied that I have achieved what I set out to do. Mostly.


I have a few people I need to give a special thanks to this year, cause without them I don't think I would have found the strength to go on.
  • Ian Cole for being an amazing artist, incredible mentor, innovative editor & general life saver. Your constant support and friendship, inspiring me to create and share art, is truly appreciated.
  • India Hobson for coming into my life and being an absolutely angel. Thanks for being an inspiration and for totally understanding me.
  • Simon for inspiring me to start shooting male fashion and for being a constant little inspirational muse.
  • Ben Adams for believing in never growing up and to go for what you want in life (and for finally moving back to the UK so I have an excuse to walk through the park more often).
  • D1 Models, M+P Models, Oxygen Models, Nevs Models and AMCK Models for letting me shoot their amazing models throughout the year!

I hope you have some coffee and are sitting comfortably if you want to get through this blog, cause it's a bit long. But there are lots of important things to say. And the most important part is near the end. But I want to do a review of last year first.

Review of my resolutions I set for 2010

- Improve my video editing skills - Worked more with video this year, and also learned how to use Adobe Premier.
- Exercise more - Was very good at this in Jan-Apr
- Learn a song I can impress people with on the piano - Ops...
- Be an awesome photographer - Am proud to have had some awesome moments of photography
- Do a shoot that pleases my creativity and senses once a month - have definitely done this and more!
- Be nice to Ben - I am always nice to Ben
- Grow my hair longer - Yes, my hair is now quite a bit longer. And according to Ben I no longer look like a boy #complimentoftheyear?
- Share useful information on Twitter - I have tweeted annoyingly much probably
- Take awesome pictures of the a1 boys - Took some awesome pics in January of the a1 boys
- Update my website and blog more regularly - Have been very good at this! Am proud of self.
- Make time to read other people's blogs - After I signed up to Bloglovin I now don't miss a blog I don't want to miss.
- Keep up to date on things web 2.0 - Am pretty up to speed on what's happening in the web 2.0 world through work
- Be happy with my weight - Was very happy with my weight till I comfort ate a lot this December! Will loose it in Jan/Feb again.
- Expand my networks - Have met some great and talented people this year who's been invaluable to my life and career
- Wear the expensive designer dress I bought in Iceland - I have not had a chance to wear it yet! Devastated. Although I did use it for a shoot.
- See a musical in the West end - I saw two! Legally Blonde & Greace.
- Light more candles - Yep. Tick.
- Regular worship of Joss Whedon - Bought box set of the Dollshouse, plus still wearing out my Buffy DVD collection
- Do fun things - Yep. Did lots of those.
- Spoil myself often - Have been moderately good at this. have spoiled self at times, and other times been working way too hard.
- Do a gooder job than a badder one - Still don't know what this one means.....
- Go on holiday - Yep. Thanks for looking at the stars with me Polly!
- Believe in beauty - This is a big chapter and I must blog separately about this. There is so much beauty I have discovered this year, and I have dedicated my time to see it and express it.
- Fall in love - #fail. Must move to next year.

Resolutions for 2011

This year in addition to setting my own resolutions, I also asked some of the most influencial people in my life and great friends to set a resolution for me.
  • Ian Cole - "Thou will not feed vodka to models in 2011" (not even my fave ones Ian?)
  • India Hobson - "Look after yourself and don't let boys take without giving"
  • Simon Jennings - "Stop that nose shit" (ref to my otrivin nasal spray addiction of years)
  • Ben Adams - "Only sleep with people 30 years old and over"

And while those are top of my mind and awfully helpful advise, I will also set some for myself:

- Shoot lots and create beautiful images
- Be inspired
- Do special project with India Hobson and make it as successful and fun as possible
- Expand on the modelling agencies I work with and shoot some more high profile models whilst still exploring new talent
- Get published in more print magazines as well as online fashion magazines
- Features on FTape and
- Continue to contribute to fashion blogs and expand on my contributions
- Expand on my industry networks, meeting talented and inspirational people
- Advance my video skills further and get more videos out there
- Don't deny myself the things I want
- Totally give into my new Tumblr addition
- Remember to listen to Christmas songs in September
- Travel and shoot
- Don't spend time on boys that are no good for me. Find the good ones.
- Have fun
- Continue to share my work via my blogs and social networking sites. The amount of support I've had from people this year has been amazing and so needed to keep me going. Thanks!
- Choose to still believe in love

Steph at OhLaLa Mag recently told me that life will give you things when you are ready to receive them. I thought this was a great way to see things, and it gives me a lot of hope and a very positive outlook on 2011.

Happy New Year everyone - may it be full of success and awesomeness for all of you!


Some Style... said...

hello! Wishing you as well a prosperoius and joyous New Year 2011!

hope to stay connected...

lots of love

xoxo cam

Ana said...

I remember when you published your resolutions for 2010!
Im glad you have fulfilled most of it with success.
Good luck for 2011! Have a great and prosperous new year! All the best xx

Cecilie Harris said...

Many thanks, and all the best for 2011 to you both :) xx