Sunday, 12 December 2010

Playing with Adam

I really like models with features and often find that there is something about a model I want to work with that excites me and makes me want to shoot them. I have a big lip obsession for instance and can't resist shooting a model with great lips. However with Adam it was his light hair. When he went blonde I really liked what it added to his look and got him into my studio so I could play with him. I wanted to play with white.

I got the lovely (and slightly crazy, but in a good way) Eugenia in to do hair and make-up. I told her my plans to play with white and she was all in on the plan. We practically painted him white. Thought I'd share with you exclusively here one of the results from our fun and games.


I captured another setting with Adam on my roof just as the sun went down. I've been obsessed lately with playing with light, and find myself chasing light and playing with light & shadows.

During the sunset I got some stunning light to play with. Having to work really fast as the light was disappearing at record speed. It's like a photographer adrenaline rush! Lauren provided some cool styling for this shoot.

Model: Adam @ Oxygen
Styling: Lauren Clements
Grooming: Eugenia Vlasova


Anonymous said...

caught myself playing with light and chasing light.
don't all good photographers do that??

Martine said...

wow! this is so much different than what you usually are doing, but it's still you! I love the "ice-effect" on the first photo, and I absolutely LOVE the light in the two others..! And the styling suits the light and the picture very good:) Nice job Cec!

Anonymous said...

WOW this is amazing.. and amazing model too