Thursday, 9 December 2010

Working with a Graphic Designer

I recently worked on a submission where I involved a graphic designer to get the right look and feel of the story. Exciting!

This was such a new experience and a really good one. I believe myself and Kim A Larsen (SinnSykShit) found each other through Twitter and creatives we had in common. Looking through his work he had some really cool stuff, so when I was looking for someone to help do some creative stuff with my images he seemed like the perfect fit.

Despite being on the other side of the world (Australia although he also happens to be a common viking and from Norway), he is one of the nicest and most committed people I've worked with. With an extremely short timeline to get the final results in in time, we both pretty much worked around the clock to get to where we wanted to be. Hopefully the hard work will pay off. The amount of coffee I can only imagine Kim consumed to stay awake for that long, must be quite impressive.

I really like the thought of mixing different types of media, and to see my own work integrated with another artists was such a cool experience. And due to good communication I practically felt we were sitting next to each other whilst working on this project. I used two male models for this, and some cool designer clothes. Can't wait to be able to show you!

As we are still waiting to hear if our submission will be accepted or not, I leave you for now with some of his previous work till I'm able to show you some of the work we did together.

You can check out some of Kim's work here:

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Marcelo said...

Hi Cecilie,

I was checking out your work and I really like it!
My name is Marcelo and I just joined oxygen and think we should shoot together someday!

Hope to hear from u!