Sunday, 30 January 2011

Outtakes from Style-ology Mag shoot with Melker Andersson

A few more images I wanted to share from the "Where The Wild Things Are" shoot for Style-ology Magazine with Melker Andersson (M+P Models).

Styling by Craig David Hills. Grooming by Steph Lai. Nick Radley assisting.
Melker Andersson - Outtakes from Style-ology Mag shootMelker Andersson - Outtakes from Style-ology Mag shoot
Melker Andersson - Outtakes from Style-ology Mag shootMelker Andersson - Outtakes from Style-ology Mag shoot
Melker Andersson - Outtakes from Style-ology Mag shoot
Melker Andersson - Outtakes from Style-ology Mag shoot

Friday, 28 January 2011

Daniel at D1 Models featured in OhLaLa Mag

Another set of the lovely Daniel at D1 Models featured in OhLaLa Mag. Shot at gorgous MyHotel Chelsea in London.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Behind the scenes video from Where The Wild Things Are shoot with Melker Andersson

It's my birthday today, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a behind the scenes video from my latest editorial with Melker Andersson (M+P Models) for Style-ology Magazine.

Styling by Craig David Hills. Grooming by Steph Lai. Assistant, Nick Radley.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Melker Andersson in Style-ology Magazine

Check out my latest editorial in Style-ology Magazine with Melker Andersson for their January "Where the Wild Things Are" issue. This was my second editorial with the up and coming Swedish model. I'm expecting big things from him this year. Styling by Craig David-Hills (with styles from Phannatiq). Grooming by Steph Lai. Assistance by Nick Radley.

I will share some more images from this shoot this week. Was a super fun shoot. Melker is such a great model to work with, as he really gets into the idea of what you're trying to capture, so doing this wild theme with him was especially interesting to work with him on. I will totally love him forever for climbing trees for me!

Click here on on the images below to get yourself a copy :)

ker Andersson in Style-ology MagazineMelker Andersson in Style-ology Magazine

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Quiet before the storm.... or something like that

I've been quiet blogging you say? You are right.

This is because I have been super busy planning my rather ambitious project "Boys by Girls" with India Hobson. With over 40 models, 10 make-up artists, 7 wardrobe stylists and 8 assistants, this is bound to be exciting, scary, epic, beautiful, inspiring and awesome all at the same time!

We went on a marathon agency run last Friday and have most of the major agencies involved in the project, giving us gorgous male models for two days to work with. I felt ever so slightly like a model running from one place to another. With my "heavy as a brick" portfolio I was totally exhausted at the end of the day. Don't know how the models do it! I have new found respect. Agencies were so lovely and welcoming, which makes me happy.

I have lots of shooting coming up with fashion week approaching and all the good boys in town, as well as editorials in print and in online mags. Lots to share soon.

But for now I thought I'd leave you with my latest song obsession. Why not. You deserve a good song to listen to on a Wednesday. Let me spoil you.

My latest song obsession: "Grenade" by Bruno Mars

Monday, 10 January 2011

More Philip Ellis images

Thought I'd share a few unseen images from my shoot with Philip Ellis (M+P Models) :)

Philip Ellis at M+P Models PhilipE_0159_WEBPhilip Ellis at M+P Models
Philip Ellis at M+P Models Philip Ellis at M+P Models
Philip Ellis at M+P Models

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Milan and Paris Fashion Week

Although I am not off to Milan or Paris for fashion week, some of the models I've worked with are. It's always exciting to follow what they're up to modelling around the world and even more exciting when I see my images on fashion week show packages. are showcasing some fantastic Show Packages for upcoming Fashion Week in Milan and Paris. These are just some of what I've come across so far. Three top ones or Milan and the top one for Paris have some of my images included. Feel free to play the "spot the image"-game. Wishing the boys happy Fashion Weeks!

Milan Fashion Week

Click the below images to view the Show packages on
Milan Fashion Week Showpackage - Lukas

Milan Fashion Week Showpackage - Melker

Milan Fashion Week Showpackage - David



Paris Fashion Week

Click the below images to view the Show packages on



Saturday, 8 January 2011

What is it about Philip Ellis?

I've never had my images reblogged as much as when my Philip Ellis images went up online on MaleModelScene. Seeing the images popping up all over Tumblr, I wondered if this was down to my marvellous photography or to Philip himself being quite awesome. I choose to believe it's a perfect combination of a little bit of both.

I've previously blogged about models posing and how I enjoy working with models who move naturally, with confidence and "float". During my shoot I did a short video of Philip, which I've added up to my previous blog "Floating School for Boys". I think it's his confidence that makes my photographer brain cells go "woop woop". Although he seemed respectably shy when turning up on the day, when in front of the camera his confidence gave him such an interesting edge that was wonderful to capture. If a model is relaxed and having fun with it, then I'm happy.

The video was featured on MaleModelScene this week. You can also check it out below.

Philip Ellis at M+P Models

Friday, 7 January 2011

Boys by Girls

This year I am all about going full steam ahead, exploring my creativity, reaching for the impossible and being a whole lot more fearless. This means pushing my own boundries and exploring my passions.

A few months back I met photographer India Hobson. She had an immediate understanding of what I was all about, and her work is really beautiful and inspiring. We figured we had a few things in common: 1. We are girls and 2. We are both passionate about shooting male fashion. So we thought it would be a great idea to collaborate on a project as part of our personal journeys.

As a result we have come up with the "Boys by Girls" project which will be a self-release book by India and myself. As well as including hordes of beautiful male models we will also be exploring the concept of the male muse.

For those who want to follow our journey on this we have set up a couple of spaces for you to do so:

We hope we can share some of our inspiration, work with male models, thoughts and ramblings and at the end of the day images of a lot of yummy boys!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Photo of the Week in Qlix Magazine

The new year seems to be starting off well. Another Magazine is embracing my work is Qlix Magazine. One of the unpublished photos from my shoot with Simon Jennings and Tom Norkett in Milan for Client Magazine is currently featured as picture of the week on their website.

I really love this photos as Sofia and Adrian did such an amazing job with the styling and the hair, and it fits s well in with the environment we were using. And I just love the poses and expressions the boys were giving me. If an image looks like a perfect snap from a movie, then that makes me happy.

Qlix Magazine | Picture of the Week

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Philip Ellis at M+P Models

I love models that have a confidence without being arrogant. I love models that know how to pose and make it look natural. I love models with that beautiful fresh faced boyish (yet hint of man to come) look about them. Philip has all of those things. I knew I'd get some awesome pictures with him, so arranged to shoot with him during my holidays. He goes straight into my book of "models that are awesome to shoot".

This series of images are featured on MaleModelScene, so wanted to share this as my first series of images this year.

Click here to view all the images.

Styling by Craig David Hills.
Philip Ellis at M+P Models

Monday, 3 January 2011

Humbert Castells in Client Magazine

Wanted to share this image of Humber Castells at M+P Models that was published in issue two of Client Magazine.

It was shot in October so hats off to Humbert for not looking cold in the image. Must be his Spanish blood that kept him warm. More images of Humbert to share in future publications.

If you want to get a copy of Client Magazine you can do so here (click on Issue Two).

Humbert Castells in Client Magazine

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mozart and Puccini anyone?

The English Touring Opera is getting ready for their Spring 2011 season. Some of my images are already gracing their site to promote their upcoming Operas.

I spent a very fun day with the ETO people a few months back, capturing some of their wonderful and crazy opera world. More of this to share in the next few months :)

You can find more information on what they are performing and where on their website if you want to catch some proper culture in the new year.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

My year in pictures

Before I leave 2010 behind I wanted to do one more review (if you survived my uber long blog post yesterday with way too much review and reflection) and look at my year in images. It's been quite the journey!


Started the year off by working with the a1 boys covering some of their gigs after their comeback in Norway with Universal Music.

A1 performs "Don't Wanna Lose You Again"

As I did the first promotional shoot for the boys a few months earlier, they were used for all main promotion and publication related to the comeback in newspapers, magazines, posters, concert programs, gig promotion and online promotional material.

Published in Tunes Magazine Issue 4 2009

With a main focus still on female fashion I worked with some wonderful female models from Nevs.



Continued exploring female fashion whilst working with more girls from Nevs, and working with some create creatives such as Sandra Birmingham and Kim Roy.


Also worked with the wonderful Sara Skjoldnes (aka Miss Norway).

Sara Skjoldnes

Images of Christian Ingebrigtsen of a1 is published in Cosmopolitan Norway in their February issue.


Remembering back to my shoot with Simon a few months earlier, my wish to shoot more male fashion and get more boys on my portfolio starts to get stronger. I do a test shoot with Connor from Nevs Models.



My first fashion publication (FART Magazine) with Emily and Lucy from Nevs Models. Met wonderful hair & make-up artist Gabriella Ciullo who I've worked with throughout the year.

Emily & Lucy @ Nevs Models
Emily & Lucy @ Nevs Models


More girls (here Hayley McCourt), and started working doing some work with hair & make-up artist Samantha Hosker.

Hayley McCourt

I shoot images for the Spring 2011 season for the English Touring Opera. Great to be involved in music related stuff, which has always been close to my heart.


Started shooting male models from D1 Models, who has been very good to me this year. Also started working with talented hair & make-up artist Gosia Peruzynska.

Lukas Sindicic
Lukas @ D1

I also love working with multiple models, so fit in a shoot to play with this with Sunday Roy (Leni's Model Management) and Yash Ozbaris (MOT Models).

Sundal & Yash


Shot lots of D1 boys and started to get my work published in OhLaLa Mag.

Alex Semenzato
Alex @ D1

Igor Stepanov
Igor @ D1 Models

Verner Freeson
"Lazy Summer Days" featured in Ohlala Mag

Raiden Dilan
"Lazy Summer Days" featured in Ohlala Mag

Thomas Alsop
Thomas @ D1


More D1 boys, plus shot images for the D1 London Fashion Week show package.

Matt King. These images are also featured on
Matt @ D1

Paul Scott. Images also published in OhLaLa Mag.
Paul @ D1

Images from LFW Show Package which is showcased on

London Fashion Week Show Package images

Other shoots done are with Liam Byrne at MOT Models

Liam Byrne @ MOT

and actor Sean Joseph Young

Sean Joseph Young

I also fit in a female fashion shoot working with stylist Cyra Alcock, as last two months has been boys only. Also wanted to do something colourful.

Colour Me Autumn

...and Alex Finch at Profile Models

Alex @ Profile


Video editorial in Bello Mag with Alex Semenzato at D1 Models - a collaboration with photographer Jay McLaughlin.

Video Editorial in BELLO MAG

Working with D1 models who have both been features as Model of the Minute or in the Daily Duo on with hair & make-up artist Josie Heighton-Towers.

James Cooper
James Cooper @ D1 Models

Luiz Paulo
Luiz @ D1 Models

OhLaLa Mag feature with Tom Norkett from Oxygen Models:

Tom @ Oxygen


I go to Milan to shoot for Client Magazine, and Ian Cole comes into my life as a wonderful mentor and source of inspiration.

I shoot Tom Norkett at Oxygen Models for the first issue of Carbon Copy by Client Magazine. First shoot with stylist Umisha Mistry.

More features in OhLaLa Mag with D1 Models:

Alex Semenzato
Alex @ D1 Models

Daniel Windfeldt
Daniel at D1 Models featured in OhLaLa Mag


Started working with M+P Models, shooting Melker Andersson for issue 2 of Carbon Copy. Brought in stylist Daleya Hassan. This is also featured on FTape.

"I am Melker" - Carbon Copy Issue 02

Another feature in issue 2 of Carbon Copy is my Sim Jennings story, shooting styles from AW10 by Danish designer David Andersen.

Sim Jennings for Carbon Copy Issue 02
David Andersen interview on Design Scene

George Tarrant and David Carter for Bello Mag

David & George for Bello Mag

Paul Scott and Aaron Berry for Bello Mag

Paul Scott & Aaron Berry for Bello Mag

I start working with AMCK Models shooting Marthynus van Heerden. These images are featured on FTape and MaleModelScene.

Marthynus at AMCK

Another feature on MaleModelScene was with Andrei Andrei at M+P Models.

Andrei at M+P Models

OhLaLa Mag features with models from AMCK and Oxygen:

Ollie Baxter
Ollie at AMCK Models

Will at AMCK Models

Michael B at Oxygen Models


"Boys of Leisure" shoot from Milan gets published in issue 2 of Client Magazine. Images are also featured on FTape and Design Scene. Styling by Sofia Bjarno. Grooming by Adrian Bozzarelli.

"Boys of Leisure" image on FTape preview of Client Magazine

OhLaLa Mag features with D1 and Oxygen:

Sim Jennings.
Simon in OhLaLa Mag

Jason Dax. Styling by Lauren Clements.
Jason Dax at D1 Models

Alex Morrison. Styling by Craig David Hills.
Alex for OhLaLa Mag

Also fit in a few more boys:

Conrad Clarke (Talentnet)
Conrad Clarke

Adam Maddox (Oxygen). Playing with my newfound white obsession.

Francis Lane (D1 Models)
Francis Lane

Then there is of course everything I shot and people I worked with in 2010 that will be published in 2011, so I shall share that when able to.

This year my photography seems to have propelled really quickly and I've found my male fashion focus which will still be my main focus in 2011. I have worked with so many talented people in 2010, so want to thank everyone who have worked with me and supported my work in any way!

I'm excited about what 2011 has to bring :)