Friday, 7 January 2011

Boys by Girls

This year I am all about going full steam ahead, exploring my creativity, reaching for the impossible and being a whole lot more fearless. This means pushing my own boundries and exploring my passions.

A few months back I met photographer India Hobson. She had an immediate understanding of what I was all about, and her work is really beautiful and inspiring. We figured we had a few things in common: 1. We are girls and 2. We are both passionate about shooting male fashion. So we thought it would be a great idea to collaborate on a project as part of our personal journeys.

As a result we have come up with the "Boys by Girls" project which will be a self-release book by India and myself. As well as including hordes of beautiful male models we will also be exploring the concept of the male muse.

For those who want to follow our journey on this we have set up a couple of spaces for you to do so:

We hope we can share some of our inspiration, work with male models, thoughts and ramblings and at the end of the day images of a lot of yummy boys!

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Ana said...

Good luck with the project!Will certainly like to follow and see the final result! And hurrah for the boys!