Saturday, 8 January 2011

What is it about Philip Ellis?

I've never had my images reblogged as much as when my Philip Ellis images went up online on MaleModelScene. Seeing the images popping up all over Tumblr, I wondered if this was down to my marvellous photography or to Philip himself being quite awesome. I choose to believe it's a perfect combination of a little bit of both.

I've previously blogged about models posing and how I enjoy working with models who move naturally, with confidence and "float". During my shoot I did a short video of Philip, which I've added up to my previous blog "Floating School for Boys". I think it's his confidence that makes my photographer brain cells go "woop woop". Although he seemed respectably shy when turning up on the day, when in front of the camera his confidence gave him such an interesting edge that was wonderful to capture. If a model is relaxed and having fun with it, then I'm happy.

The video was featured on MaleModelScene this week. You can also check it out below.

Philip Ellis at M+P Models

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