Monday, 14 February 2011

Fantastics Mag: Game of Assembly

I am sooo proud of this editorial in Fantastics Mag! One reason because I think the images turned out beautiful, and also because this was a completely new way of working for me. For the first time I collaborated with a graphic designer to create something special for this story called "Game of Assembly".

Kim A Larsen @ Sinnsykshit did such an amazing job with the graphic design on these images, I completely raise my hands in admiration. Hopefully he has long forgotten about staying up 36 hours in a row on a gezillion cups of coffee and no sleep to get this done. My team for this story was amazing. Kim of course. Craig David Hills pulled together some awesome looks. Gosia Peruzynska did her magic with the boys' hair/make-up, and Tom Norkett (M+P) & Joe Sanders (D1) did an awesome job giving these images the right look and feel.

To check out all the images head over to Fantastics Mag!

Fantastics Mag - Games of Assembly
Joe Sanders & Tom Norkett for Fantastics Mag

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