Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ben Adams and Sara Skjoldnes image in Telemarksavisa

Image I took of Ben Adams and his Miss Norway beauty in Telemarksavisa. Sara is currently working on her new band Meow, where Ben is involved in writing some of the tracks.

Good to have them back in London again! I have of course been able to have a sneak listen to some of the tracks, and particular one of them has potential Cecilie-will-listen-278-times material.

Click on the below images to read more. It's in Norwegian. If you're not Norwegian you can look at the pretty picture and imagine they write about how pretty, handsome and talented Ben is....... at least that's what Ben wants us to believe.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dominic Nutt for Carbon Copy Issue 5

Dominic is definitely one of my new model passions! After taking me 4 months to book him, we were on a roll and ready to shoot for the latest issue of Carbon Copy. It was a little piece of heaven, and Dominic lived up to every expectations I had.

Next to being a stunning model, he was lovely to work with, charming, creative and willing to climb stuff for me. He definitely gets ten points! Must absolutely shoot with him again!

Some of you know I already love David Andersen's designs, so it was amazing to shoot another story based on a lot of their styles. Craig David Hills made everything come together styling wise, Dean Andrews provided awesome hair and Nick Radley did a great job carrying stuff, holding lighting stuff and capturing behind the scenes footage for a little video I put together after the shoot.

You can see more images from the editorial and check out the behind the scenes video here.

If you want to get your own copy of Carbon Copy issue 5, you can by it here.

Dominic Nutt for Carbon Copy Issue 5
Dominic Nutt for Carbon Copy Issue 5
Dominic Nutt for Carbon Copy Issue 5

"Boys by Girls" interview on Anarchy

I had a chat with the lovely people at Anarchy Mag, so feel free to check out this conversation (click at the image below) to find out a bit more about the background of how Boys by Girls came about, .


Monday, 18 April 2011

"Boys by Girls" top viewed story on Male Model Scene last week

Just taking a moment to take in a tiny bit of proudness that India and mine "Boys by Girls" story was the most viewed on Male Model Scene last week. Yep, I'm easily impressed by numbers, especially when they're in my favor :p.

If you haven't had a chance to check out what I'm been going on about all year yet, then this is a good chance to. Also this is just a snapshot of what is to come when the book is out in May. Lots more goodies to share with you!

Click image to view

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Matthew Maroney in Peter, Tom and Dave

Editorial in Peter, Tom and Dave Magazine with the lovely Matthew Maroney at Storm. Love this magazine, so very pleased that my images of Matthew gets to grace this awesome issue.

Styling by Camilla Ashworth & Leila Hartley. Grooming by Nina Sagri.

Click here to check all the images out

Matthew Maroney at Storm

Peter, Tom and Dave Editorial

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bello Mag Editorial with Anna & Nathan

New editorial in the latest issue of Bello Mag called "Young Hearts" featuring the lovely Anna at Elite and Nathan at Premier! The issue also includes a video of this little love story, so worth getting this issue for.

This was my first out of two shoots with Anna who I absolutely fell in love with. Her strawberry blond hair and commitment to tell a story through modelling was wonderful to work with. Nathan is that dude you saw on the Model Agency. He has style and soul oozing out of him and is an absolute sweet heart in addition to being gorgeous. He hung around for an hour after the shoot to help my stylists remove tape from shoes. He gets ten points!

Styling by Camilla Ashworth and Leila Hartley. Hair and Make-up by Nina Sagri.

To download the full issue please go here

Bello Mag Editorial "Young Hearts"
Anna & Nathan
Anna & Nathan in Bello Mag

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Oxygen Boys in my street

Oxygen Boys invading my street! One can't complain really.

Images to be shared in the future and all of that :)

Oxygen Boys

Monday, 11 April 2011

"Boys by Girls" by me & miss India Hobson!

Am so excited to finally be able to share with you the preview for our book "Boys by Girls"!

In February India Hobson and myself photographed 40 gorgeous boys for our upcoming book "Boys by Girls" at the Ragged School Museum. We had a field day with the creme of upcoming London male models, which you can now see a preview of in the latest issue of Carbon Copy. We called in the hottest stylists we know to help style our boys: Craig David Hills, Lloyd Scott Taylor and Sara Darling.

Click here to see the full preview on Male Model Scene.

You can buy your very own issue 5 of Carbon Copy to be able to hug a hard copy here. If you love us, buy it! :)

"Boys by Girls" by Cecilie Harris & India Hobson
Rory Torrens for "Boys by Girls"

Saturday, 9 April 2011

FART Magazine editorial "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything"

Super pleased to finally be able to share this story that I shot in Norway a little while back with the lovely Anja & Rakel from Prestige Models. My only shoot to date that I've shot in my home town, so this one is close to my heart. My stylist and hair & make-up artist Margrethe Melin was absolutely amazing and completely understood where I wanted to take this story and bring in Norwegian elements in the styling, hair and how to fit that into the surroundings.

We were amazingly lucky to have a stunning location to work with to bring in charming scandinavian elements. It felt awfully good to feel that I was adding little elements of myself and where I come from into a shoot. This makes me excited for May when I am exploring more of my scandinavian roots in a shoot in Stockholm. Bring it on!

View the full editorial here to see all the images (from page 129)

Editorial in FART Magazine

Photography: Cecilie Harris
Styling: Margrethe Melin
Models: Anja & Rakel at Prestige Models
Hair & Make-up: Margrethe Melin
Location & Set Design: Elin Friestad
Assistants: Camilla Reime Torgersen & Marita Fiskebekk