Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tom Norkett for Pin-Up Boys by Client Magazine

Preview of volume 1 of Pin-Up Boys by Client Magazine is now out! This really charming image of Tom Norkett (D1) i in there, including quite a few more boys i shot for this issue. Make sure to check out and keep an eye out for the full issue.

Tom for Pin-Up Boys by Client Magazine


Anonymous said...

Cecilie, I suppose Tommy and Simmy to be Your muses ))). Couldn't have ever imagined that a woman would be able to do such the expressive photos. You're the first one!
P.S. Please, don't leave Tommy without Your attention. Catch him to the memory. Life is so quick as well as youth.

Still waitin' for the new photos)

Thank You!
From Russia with love.

Cecilie Harris said...

They are definitely my muses. I feel lucky to have people around me that inspire me, and that keeps me growing. Thanks for the lovely comment :)