Friday, 14 October 2011

Pin-Up Boys Volume 1

Good times! The first issue of Pin-Up Boys by Client Magazine is finally out, and I happen to have 10 boys in it! Woop woop.

Below is Humbert at M+P, but there is also Dawid (D1), Tom (D1), Jeremy (D1) , Rob (Next), Youseff (D1), Ben (Amck), Ryan (Oxygen), Peter (Oxygen) and Remo (M+P). The goodness just doesn't end. Then there is volume 2 and 3 to come in not to long as well. Just too much to handle. Or maybe not as it's spread out nicely.

To enjoy more previews from the issue and find a link to how you can buy a copy, click here or the image below.

Humberts (M+P) for Pin-Up Boys Volume 1

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