Friday, 18 November 2011

Band: Meow

I originally started shooting bands and musicians, so every now and then it's great to keep in touch with my musical passions. When I learned that Sara Skjoldnes was in a new cool band, I was more then happy to be the first to capture some images of the band. Accompanied by Oli Court (guitar), Jamie Haj (Drums) and Max Perryment (Bass), vocalist Sara is in great company and I'm excited to follow them on their journey.

I'm already slightly obsessed with the track featured in the video on their website, which includes footage from this shoot.

A couple of images are already available on the band's new website, and more to come later on.

New band Meow


Jakob Sitter Midttun said...

Omg. what a amazing picture ! I just want to say that you are a big inspiration for me : )

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog in the first place, and another super thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really appreciate it :)