Friday, 6 January 2012

Closer to Misa Patinszki

This particular shoot was an experience to say the least! First of all I had to travel to Budapest to get anywhere close to young Patinszki, so I was in a new country, with new people, stuck in a very tiny hotel room. Little did that matter, as my day with Misa to shoot him for the second Boys by Girls book "Closer" was an experience to remember in years to come.

He welcomed me into his home with freshly baked breakfast made by his lovely mum, and we captured a beautiful series of images of him in his house and garden. He later took me to his local kayak club, where he trains a lot and is the reason he is so fit. Image below is amongst some colour kayaks. Being a refresh and polite, young gentleman, I left Hungary wishing the boys at home was a little bit more like that.

Click here to see a preview of his 6 page story.
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Closer to Misa Patinszki

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