Sunday, 8 January 2012

Jed Texas for Boys by Girls

Finally had a chance to shoot with the stunning Jed Texas at Elite! He fulfilled every expectation I had, and I was finally able to include him in the list of boys on our Boys by girls project. Phew!

Beautifully styled by Jennivi Jordan (assisted by Mary Ferreras), and with hair styled by Karin Kratzeisen, Jed and I got to do the fun camera thing we like to do as model and photographer. Jed is so wonderful in bringing his personality into a shot, and is so tuned in to getting the best result together with the photographer. A joy of a shoot, and hopefully there will be some more in the future with this stunning charmer.

Photograpic assistant Priscilla Ratola, who failed to deliver hot towels to Jed. Ok so she didn't really, that would have been a miracle. Click here or the image below to see the full image series.

Jed Texas for Boys by Girls

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