Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mikhael Ayoub & Alex Ciappara at Request for Boys by Girls

Next to Mr Yuri, this shoot was definitely one of my fave I did in New York!

Some shoots just hits you with inspiration, and instead of feeling drained from energy and resort to the usual laying flat on the floor to stretch back and complain of heavy lifting you might have needed to do, you end up feeling revitalised, inspired and wanting to do the shoot all over again! This was one of those shoots, because I simply had such a good time. Both Mikhael & Alex were lovely boys, and Micky (I'm gonna move to nickname basis for Mikhael, as he prefers this) in particular such a character. One can only hope that everyone at some point in their lives get to meet someone like Micky.

His incredible amount of positive energy was simply so impactful (even more than Samuel at Oxygen when he gets to go to Winter Wonderland to see Christmas stuff), that I left the shoot with a newfound love for New York and a new model to convince the rest of the world or his amazingness. For making me feel like an excited child on Christmas day just over some icecream, I give him a massive ten points.

Check these colourful images to get a feel for the wonderfulness of my shoot with these boys.

Models MIKHAEL AYOUB & ALEX C (Request Models)

Click here or the below image to see the full editorial.

Mikhael Ayoub and Alex Ciappara at Request

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