Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why We Do The Things We Do

Last year was hard. It was also full of amazing moments beyond what I thought I'd achieve last year!

This year has barely started, and it is already full of new challenges and new people to inspire me. To all the people that have shown support and continue to show your support for me and my work, a big warm thank you to all! I am full of hope, optimism and inspiration to let 2012 unfold it's mysteries and surprises.

I often get a lot of questions around my work. Why the focus on boys? Why the young boys and not men? I think that's a tale for another time, as I will probably go on for a while, and it requires me to go to a deeper place and possibly have a glass of wine or three. The fact is that if I had more time to shoot, I would be exploring a whole lot more areas, but with so limited time to shoot, it's easy to focus my energy on where my passion truly lies. I have realised a lot lately that each and every boy I shoot that let me into their personal journey, inspire me in a different way and helps my work grow. I want to thank those boys cause without you and your awesome energy I wouldn't be doing this. So thanks to Micky for making me more excited about ice-cream than I have been since I was 5, to Sebastian for letting me experience the awesomeness of the Sauve, to Yuri for being the coolest thing to walk this planet, to Tom for being Tom, to Matthew for embracing my own quirkiness, to Sean for being far too nice for his own good, to Alex for lifting me up when I need it and to Simon for opening this door for me in the first place. And a thank you to everyone else that I have shot that invested your time and energy into achieving wicked images with me. You are all my little heroes.

Why do we keep pushing ourselves to the limits to keep getting better, keep growing and keep reaching higher and higher? Why do we make too many sacrifices to achieve our goals? And why do we keep shooting till we drop and edit till early morning hours? Because we hope that in the end it will all be worth it. Or perhaps because we are all just stubborn little fuckers. My photographic journey is always coloured with my own experiences, and often a way to express any sadness or joy that happens in my life. It gives me a sense of relief. For every image I produce that I am truly happy with, or for every editorial I shoot that brings me proudness, it's like a piece in my puzzle of self falls into place.

Like a very inspiring woman recently told me "keep marching to the beat of your own drum". As the new year starts I have a new leap of faith, a virtual push in the back you might say, to keep going no matter what, and that hard work and belief in self will eventually lead to greatness. Most importantly the people I work with is a big driver in my work, and it's those small moments of understanding or mutual total admiration, and the images this leads to, that reminds me that that in itself is worth it all. So no matter what this year brings, I'm ready to keep marching, and keep adding pieces to my puzzle.


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