Thursday, 2 February 2012

Rory Torrens Video

Behind the wall of coolness of Rory Torrens (Elite) lies a beautiful and sensual character. One of my Tumblr followers described that in this video I managed to capture an "untouchable kind of innocent" in Rory. Yay me! I thought this was a beautiful way of making a point that Rory is so much more than the sexy, cool that one often immediately get captured by with this model. As India Hobson describes him he is a complex but beautiful person.

At my "Closer" shoot with Rory I felt he gave me so much that day, and he broke down layers of his walls and revealed even more of his beauty. The video below has captures from the day and some of the beauty of Rory I got to see. I feel intrigued to continue to shoot Rory, as there is definitely more to be explored with this amazing boy. I like boys that are on a journey, boys with secrets and boys that get more interesting the more layers you peal. Rory is definitely one of those people. Join me in watching some of the stunning moments from my little adventure with him.

The book "Closer" is available to buy here.

Rory Torrens Video

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