Sunday, 28 October 2012

Felix at Nisch for Boys by Girls

Portraits of Felix at Nisch Model Management photographed for Boys by Girls. A lovely Swedish model staying in London for a while.

More from this portrait series here.

Felix at Nisch for Boys by Girls

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Vebjørn Sand

During my recent trip to Oslo I had the pleasure of meeting Norwegian painter and artist Vebjørn Sand. For those that don't know his work (you should be ashamed of yourself haha), visit his website to see all his awesome stuff. I have always been amazingly drawn to his work, so being able to meet such an amazing artist was one of those moment I will definitely remember.

He has recently taken part in the Norwegian version of Strictly Come Dancing with my friend Ben Adams. Visiting the TV2 studio to watch the live show was so much fun, and a lovely distraction from life in London.

If my photos can have anything near all the soul and depth that his paintings have, I will be a very happy woman!

Vebjørn Sand

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A1 album cover "Rediscovered"

I recently travelled to Norway to shoot the latest album cover for a1 (and to sneak in a visit to TV2 studios to watch Ben Adam rock the dance floor at "Skal Vi Danse", the Norwegian version of Celebrity Strictly Come Dancing).

This managed to fulfil once dream, photographing lovely boys in Norwegian Woods! Not bad. Bit muddier than my fantasies included, but ok. At least the picture turned out as I had imagined. This was a great concept to work with, as the band rediscovered their roots, and it gave us all an excuse to play and have rediscover some fun times during the day. Trust Mark to bring a whole bunch of fabulous memorabilia and funky figurines from the past when you challenge him to it!

Norwegians (and some European countries) can order the album here.

a1 cover "Rediscovered"

Monday, 1 October 2012

Max & Omar for Beige Magazine

Some stories have to be told, and this love story for Beige Magazine is one of those stories.

I wanted to use my photography to tell a story that I was passionate about through my images, and although we live in a modern society today it seems some things are still a bit more tabu than they should be in my eyes. So for the gay young male of today, I wanted to shoot a beautiful love story with two boys as I saw it in my head. Helping me to do so was the gorgeous Max Wallis at Model1 and Omar at Strike Models, along with stylist Kristine Kilty. Grooming by Elizabeth Rita. Photographic Assistant Diana Chire.

Make sure to get yourself a copy of Beige Magazine to see the full story! Which includes "the kiss" which was a key part of this story.