Monday, 26 November 2012

Roman & Sam gets suited up for Boys by Girls

I loved shooting this story for Boys by Girls, working with stylist Rachel Gold. We wanted to do a take on how to dress up, but still look cool trendy. With the help of gorgeous Models 1 boys Roman Kemp and Sam Harwood, we got a fabulous story to share.

Stylist Assistant PAULINE RAWLINGS
Photographic Assistant DONALD CHAMBERS

Click here to view the full editorial.

Roman & Sam (Models 1) for Boys by Girls

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Simon in "The 4th Floor" video

From my shoot with Simon for "The 4th Floor", I captured this video.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Another in the New Face series for Boys by Girls. This time with Lithuanian model Dovydas at D1.

I adore this image in particular as Dovydas was more than happy to go to a different level as he interpreted by slightly odd instructions letting the light play with him. Adore, adore, adore.

Click here for the full series.

Dovydas at D1 for Boys by Girls

Monday, 19 November 2012

Tom at Elite for Boys by Girls

Check out the lovely Tom at Elite Models London in my New Face series or Boys by Girls. He play the piano and looks like a greek God. What more can one want?

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Tom at Elite for Boys by Girls

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A1 "Rediscovered" Album Sleeve

Following my blog about shooting the album cover for the latest a1 album "Rediscovered",I wanted to share a couple more images from the album sleeve. As my photographic journey started in music, I very much enjoy going back to that in between the fashion work I do.

Ben, Mark and Christian are such lovely guys to work with, so that always adds to the pleasure of working with musicians. I love how the theme of this album really reflects the boys journey as a band and people. They always put themselves into their music and let's their fan base be part of it, and I love how they've managed to reinvent themselves whilst keeping true to who they are. Their wonderful personalities colours also this album with great impact. I particularly enjoyed getting to play with some of Mark's memorabilia to create some of the album sleeve pages. I don't have an example of that to show you atm, but another reason to buy the album. I especially had fun placing Mark's childhood figurines in random places.

Their new album 'Rediscovered' is out in Norway now, which you can buy on iTunes, Platekompaniet or iTunes:  If you live outside Norway, you can order the CD from Tigernet.

Visit the a1 website for more a1 goodness.

From a1 "Rediscovered" album sleeve

From a1 "Rediscovered" album sleeve

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Me, a photographer.

Ok so I'm now officially a full time photographer.
Scary stuff. But more exciting than anything else!

Being able to follow your dream is a privilege,
so I am excited to start this chapter.

Just wanted to put that on black and white really
for my own eyes to see and
to properly register it in my brain.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Conor for Boys by Girls

Elite Models London new hottie and male Elite Model Look 2012 winner Conor Doherty, here captured by moi in a series for Boys by Girls.

Adore this new face, and am excited to see him fly. Gorgeous features and already very creative and inspiring to work with. That can only be all good stuff.

Conor wears shirt by Orri Henrisson and jeans my Mark Thomas Taylor.

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Conor at Elite for Boys by Girls

Monday, 12 November 2012

Video: Matthew Bell for "A Place Called Youth"

In my first video with Matthew Bell (Elite Models London) he brought just the right amount of quirky (including a toy panda and rug from Japan) for this "The 4th Floor" video. In beautiful designs from Palmer Harding, Zara, Topman and Balain, styled by Lindsey Cash, he worked with me to create this floaty, dreamy feel, just in line with the quiet beauty I wanted to convey in this feature. Grooming by Stephen Hamilton.

Note that plinky, plonky music is Matthew's choice, and was perfect to fit the elements here.

This Boys by Girls issue is available to buy here.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Charlie Mills for Boys by Girls

I tend to need to explore models more than once if I find a model I enjoy shooting that little extra bit. Shooting someone is like reading the first chapter of a book. If you like the first chapter, you're gonna want to know what happens next. So I find myself exploring more chapters to get the full story.

This was my second time shooting Charlie Mills at Premier Models for Boys by Girls. The first time I captured his good boy side, and I knew he also had a cool and more sexy side to him that I was curious about.

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Charlie Mills for Boys by Girls

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Joshua Moroney at FM Models

There is one thing that I'm particularly excited about at the moment, and that is the updated release of Boys by Girls volume 4, "A Place Called Youth". Having worked on this issue since April this year, I am extremely excited about introducing it to the people who follow Boys by Girls and my work.

Not only is it available in print, but it will be distributed globally in all the major fashion cities. Exciting times!

In the run up to this fabulous moments I have been presenting some teaser portrait series to share which boys will be featured in the issues. The images in the teasers will not be in the issues, as I simply couldn't give away the good stories we have coming. Below is the especially fabulous FM model, Joshua Moroney, who's story is an 8 page story of his journey into adulthood. Featuring some fab designers as well. Styling by Rachael Barker. Grooming, Stephen Hamilton.

Click here for more pretty pictures of Joshua.

Joshua Moroney