Sunday, 18 November 2012

A1 "Rediscovered" Album Sleeve

Following my blog about shooting the album cover for the latest a1 album "Rediscovered",I wanted to share a couple more images from the album sleeve. As my photographic journey started in music, I very much enjoy going back to that in between the fashion work I do.

Ben, Mark and Christian are such lovely guys to work with, so that always adds to the pleasure of working with musicians. I love how the theme of this album really reflects the boys journey as a band and people. They always put themselves into their music and let's their fan base be part of it, and I love how they've managed to reinvent themselves whilst keeping true to who they are. Their wonderful personalities colours also this album with great impact. I particularly enjoyed getting to play with some of Mark's memorabilia to create some of the album sleeve pages. I don't have an example of that to show you atm, but another reason to buy the album. I especially had fun placing Mark's childhood figurines in random places.

Their new album 'Rediscovered' is out in Norway now, which you can buy on iTunes, Platekompaniet or iTunes:  If you live outside Norway, you can order the CD from Tigernet.

Visit the a1 website for more a1 goodness.

From a1 "Rediscovered" album sleeve

From a1 "Rediscovered" album sleeve

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Raine said...

I particularly liked the shot of ET in the album page. :D ET's hands was over his heart (assuming that's where ET's heart is to hehe) and it just so happened the capture was on "Grateful" lyrics section that I thought was a nice touch. It complimented the song and feel. This was a fun trivia knowing the toys came from Mark. I have to hand it to him, all are in pristine form. :D Thanks for sharing.