Monday, 22 April 2013

The Impossible Project

When it comes to polaroid film, I really swear by polaroid film from The Impossible Project. Their polaroid films are awesome and gives such great results, and recently my love for them was even further strengthened by their amazing customer service.

Having had an issue with one of their films (which was out of date and not even bought through them), they will made me feel like a happy customer by sending me free film to use! What lovely people. I am now all loaded up with lovely polaroid film to use when shooting and can't wait.

The Impossible Project

I tend to take polaroids of models stopping by my flat all the time, which are often seen in model stories for Boys by Girls. One day I shall make a big wall with all my signed polaroids and it will look pretty as hell.

Charlie Wheelhouse

Above: Charlie Wheelhouse at PRM Models

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