Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tim Sprague for Boys by Girls

"Nothing is lost, it's just undiscovered."

I met Tim at a random casting in February last year, and he is now one of my best friends, a key member to the Boys by Girls team and a valued adviser in my life. Sometimes we find things that was previously undiscovered when paths are meant to cross. I can't say enough good things about Tim, his talents and his good heart, as I have watched him grow the last year and become such a unique and wonderful person. Now having found new paths, knowing himself better and a constant shining light of many, it is wish such fondness I look back at our shoot for Boys by Girls issue 7.

We ditched the usual team and went for the unique Boys at Home approach that BBG is getting known for, and captured some really simple, yet stunning instant film images. This image, hangs on my wall in addition to having it's home in issue 7 "Obsessions".

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Tim Sprague for Boys by Girls

Model TIM SPRAGUE at Nevs Models